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Ciara (Mum) and Sarah (4 years old)

“Leslie, words cannot express how grateful I am for your work, advice and wonderful help through Sarah’s journey. Last week when we left your office she said ‘  I’m actually quite proud of myself!! Not only have you helped her speech, you have made her feel very proud of her achievements. I could never have achieved that without your help.”

Brenda & Finn (Mum & Dad) and Finn (3 years old)

“Thank you Leslie for all your hard work with Lee. You had a great approach with his energetic personality and the progress he has made is amazing! Thanks for everything.”

Aileen (Mum) and Cillian (5 years old)

“Our son, Cillian was born with a very rare genetic condition - Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome that resulted in him having tongue reduction surgery at 7 months in the United States. We always knew he would need intensive Speech Therapy to aid his communication. We are so lucky to have found Leslie, who has worked wonders with our son over the last 2 ½ years. Leslie’s approach has been tailored to suit our son’s specific issues. He has responded so well to Leslie’s caring and dedicated efforts. The improvement in his speech is astounding and has been commented on by family, friends and his carers in crèche. He is now a most out-going boy who can converse and communicate with his peers. He looks forward so much to his weekly sessions with Leslie. Speech therapy with Leslie has made a hugely positive impact on our family life.” 

Jodie and Mark (husband and wife)

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts Leslie, for your professionalism, kindness and uncanny ability to make my husband feel that he can still make a valuable contribution to life. The journey has been tough for us as a family and the road travelled not often a very nice one, as my husband was diagnosed four years ago with Progressive Supernuclear Palsy, a degenerative neurological disease that has robbed him of so much of his quality of life. Feeling like he was beginning to lose a lot of his independence to this awful disease, the last straw for him was his loss of power in his speech and voice projection. He became very depressed and withdrawn.

We had heard that you were a Lee Silverman Voice Therapist through our Neurologist, who recommended you and suggested that my husband attend the 16-session intensive voice therapy course in order to functionally improve his voice quality and projection. He initially was reluctant to undergo anymore therapies, as feedback from professionals up to this point was mostly negative. Well! He did go to you for voice therapy (or rather, you came to our home, thankfully) and he has been talking (LOUDly) ever since! It is unbelievable the difference your input has made to him, to us as a family and on both of us as communication partners!.I still wear the yellow badge to remind us both! You were worth every penny and I highly recommend you to all our friends, and to anyone in a similar position to us. You have been truly fantastic in so many ways. We can’t thank you enough for the improvement in my husband’s quality of life and his confidence when taking part in conversations! You are in our prayers.” 

Jonathan (Dad)

“As a concerned parent of a 4 year old little boy who was diagnosed with severe speech impairment by the Public Health Service, I became extremely frustrated by the long waiting lists for ongoing speech and language therapy. I discovered Evoke Speech Therapy Clinic quite by accident, and have never looked back!! Noah’s speech development and clarity have been remarkable since attending the Clinic and his confidence and social skills have soared. Leslie is an incredible hands-on therapist, who quite simply is second-to-none. I can’t recommend her enough.”

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