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We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children who present with speech, language and communication difficulties:

  • Early Intervention

  • Speech Sound Errors

  • Late Talkers

  • Selective Mutism

  • Communication Difficulties involving understanding and using language (pragmatics)

  • Developmental Language Disorder

  • Autism Spectrum and related disorders

  • Cleft Palate and other craniofacial disorders

  • Stammering/Stuttering

  • Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders

  • Food Aversion Therapy

  • Child Group Therapy

  • Staff training for teachers, pre-school and crèche staff in development and provision of Early Years Speech, Language and Communication Strategies – Elklan Programme/Hanen Approach (Learning Language and Loving It/ Parent Talk)

  • Screening services to schools, preschools and parent groups

  • Home/School Visits

  • Professional Input into Individual Educational Plans (IEPs)

  • Parent Training (Hanen Approach)


Additionally, we provide:

  • Group therapy

  • Home/Nursing home visits

  • Carer training and support

  • Targeted Early language intervention classes for parents of children who are not yet attending pre-school (2 - 2.8 yrs)

  • Detailed Speech and Language Therapy Reports which can be used to support a child’s application for resource hours

  • We can liaise with individual child’s resource teacher or pre-school teachers to develop speech and language programmes in school.

  • Develop individual home language programmes

  • Provide ongoing referrals for Clients to Allied Professionals where necessary


We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for adults who may have the following impairments:

  • Speech sound errors

  • Communication - difficulty with expression of ideas, word choices

  • Down syndrome and lifelong language disabilities

  • Cognitive-communication disorders resulting from brain injury or degenerative neurological impairments- leading to difficulty with memory, attention, planning and organising speech

  • Dysarthria - difficulty making speech sounds correctly with lips, tongue and palate

  • Acquired apraxia of speech - difficulty in planning tongue and lip movements necessary for speech

  • Primary Progressive Aphasia - difficulty speaking and understanding spoken words due to neurological impairment

  •  Stammering/stuttering - repeating sounds or words in speech, leading to dysfluency in connected speech

  • Voice Problems - hoarseness, vocal abuse, vocal strain, poor voice projection

  • Professional Public speaking

  • Accent Reduction

  • Transgender Voice therapy -intonation modification, pitch, speech rhythm

  • Swallowing disorders -coughing or choking when drinking or eating (dysphagia)

  • We provide guidance to teachers and pre-school service providers on how to identify children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

  • We offer ongoing support to teachers and pre-school service providers who endeavour to help children with speech and language difficulties

  • We provide practical, user-friendly strategies for teachers to implement in the classroom to augment a child’s learning and integration in school/pre-school.

  • We provide targeted workshops for Early Years Practitioners on developing play skills, pre-literacy skills and phonological awareness skills, using various Hanen/Elklan Programmes. These workshops can be held on-site in the pre-school setting or in the Clinic.

  • We also provide on-site workshops for teachers/pre-school teachers in the areas of voice protection, prevention of vocal strain/vocal abuse in the workplace.

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