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Evoke Speech Therapy Clinic is based in Midleton, Co. Cork and provides Private Speech, Language and Voice Therapy intervention to Adults and Children.

Our Services include assessment, diagnosis and treatment of both Adults and Children who present with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties.

The Clinic was founded by Leslie Moore who offers a professional and friendly client-centred approach to intervention, guided by Evidence-Based Practice. We provide effective, creative and motivating sessions in a state-of-the-art therapy centre, with individual Adult and Child therapy rooms. We recognise that our clients will each have individual needs and will be given individualised therapy programmes tailored specifically to them, followed by practical suggestions for carryover of developing skills, at home and in school/work.

Our building is on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.


We provide high quality, Evidenced-Based Speech and Language Therapy Services to guide our intervention to improve:

  • Speech (articulation, phonology, voice)

  • Language (for literacy and school performance)

  • Language Stimulation for late talkers

  • Using Language (grammar, vocabulary, word-finding)

  • Understanding Language (ability to listen to, process and follow instructions)

  • Fluency/ Stuttering (word/sound repetitions)

  • Using Social Language/Social Interaction Skills (better understanding of the social use of language, empathy, non-verbal communication, understanding others feelings)

  • Cognitive Communication (memory, organisation skills, problem-solving)

  • Oro-motor Skills

  • Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties in Adults


In addition to many other varied and quality therapy materials, we also use an interactive Evidence-Based therapy hub to provide an opportunity for intensive speech sound and phonemic awareness/discrimination work, in addition to auditory/visual processing, cognition, sequencing tasks, visual anchors and other important multi-sensory components of speech, language and communication, giving automatic feedback to the client in real time. We also use Lee Silverman Voice Therapy programmes to provide voice therapy to clients.

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